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How We Curate

Blue Terra is about giving you options where you previously had none.

If that cream is sustainable but performs like the Donald, you won’t see it here.

If that bottle looks good but ends up floating on the beach, you won’t see it here.

Did we forget smarts? Otherwise, you won’t see it here.

How We Curate

Businesses get their supplies from somewhere. That somewhere better be run by decent people. Decency is reflected in how they do business. Are they paying fairly? Are their factories tending towards wasteless? Are they sourcing unharmful ingredients? Are they not harming living beings?

The answer’s got to be Yes.


The businesses we feature use materials that are not available in large scale productions, so they can’t be as cheap as the products available at large. If they were as economical, more companies would use them. But they’re not.

The ones that care more about their pockets than your health use the large scale stuff.
The ones that care more about you than their profits, don’t use that stuff.
Who are you going to pick? We know who we have.
And we want to help them thrive and improve their pricing for you.

Looking & Feeling

Ain’t nobody got time for bad stuff. A product isn’t sustainable if it doesn’t last or it doesn’t work, because you’ll end up not using it and getting something else. But we won’t settle for ‘just works’. Our products should be awesome. Not by our definition, but by yours. We want to offer the widest selection, so you can decide what awesome is.


Enough with the stacked boxes that find themselves in landfills and stay there for a looong time.
We experiment with multiple options like recycled packaging, biodegradable packaging, as well as reusable packaging.


Guess what? We’re not adding cars on the road. We’re not using a delivery partner to drive more miles and pollute the air even more to deliver your products.

So, how are we delivering your products? We look for registered drivers that own electric or hybrid vehicles to deliver your products on their way to a destination near you. The driver wins, air quality wins, you win. Don’t worry, your order will always arrive on time. You are the priority.


Not only are we giving you options that work and directly play a role in improving the pollution around you, but we’re committed to the end of days, to give 1% of our sales to an incredible NGO, 1% for the planet, where you are directly contributing to conservation efforts around the world.

Enough of that other, regular product stuff. The future is now. And now, is when we buy products that make the future look promising.