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About us

What is Blue Terra? 🌏
What is a carbon-neutral company?
Why the name Blue Terra?
What is Blue Terra's ultimate goal? 🥅
Do we have an app? 🤳


How will I know Blue Terra has received my order? 📝
How do I place an order on Blue Terra? 🧐
Can I cancel my order? 🤨
Can I amend my order after confirmation?✍
Can I order a gift card? 💝
I have received the wrong item 😔
An item is missing from my order 🥺
How do I find a specific item? 🛒


How can I pay on Blue Terra? 💳
Why is my payment declined? 😱
Can I use more than one discount? 😏
Why is the price of some sustainable products more expensive than unsustainable products? 💸
Is there a minimum order?
Do you offer installment plan? 🤫
Can I pay by cash at the delivery? 🤔


Will I receive my order with the brand packaging or Blue Terra packaging? 📦
Can I select a Gift Packaging? 🎁


Will we deliver in countries other than the UAE and KSA?
When will I receive my order? 🚗
Can I choose my delivery day and time? 🗓
How do I track my parcel? 🛍
Can I pick up my order and not have it delivered? 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️
How can I change my delivery address? 🏘
I have not received my order 😳

Return and Refund

Can I return an item?
How much does it cost to return an item? 💸
How long do I have to return an item once my order is received? ⏳
How do I do to return an item?
When will I get my refund?
Can I reuse a promo code if I return an item?
Can I return/exchange a gift? 🎁

Customer Care

Can I share my feedback? 🗣
Who shall I contact if I have further questions? 💬
How do I leave a product review?

My Account

How do I reset my password? 🔑
I signed up for a user account but didn’t receive my confirmation email 📩
How can I change the email address for my account? ✉
Is there a loyalty program? What is it?
How do I view my order history?

Sustainability and Recycling

How can I recycle my empty and used products? ♻️
How do you plan on staying sustainable? 🌍️
How do you claim in the orders there's 0 kg of carbon emission? 🚚️


Do sustainable products have the same efficiency as unsustainable products? 🧴
Are the products certified? 🙄
Are there maximum quantities that I can order of a particular product?
Are our products cruelty-free? Are they tested on animals? 🕊
Will more brands and products be added?
Are our products Halal?
Are our products gluten free? 🌾🆓️
Are our products organic? 🍊
Are our products vegan? 🕊